Your Wedding Film FAQs

09 / 18

You asked and we answered! We took to Instagram and asked you what you want to know about our film packages! Here were the top questions!

Is there an option to bundle film & photography?

Absolutely! If you wanted to combine any two of our services (including our live band) we offer a 5% discount! It’s nice and easy just dealing with one booker for all the services too!

How long until we get our film package delivered?

You’ll definitely receive your Showreel within 5-7 weeks after the wedding, but we always aim for a little earlier!

Do you film everything on the day?

We certainly can! We have 4hr, 7hr and 10hr film packages and we can add time on top of that too. Depending on what’s important for you to capture (including preps, dance floor action, etc.), we can tailor a package to cater to your needs!

Are drones a possibility?

Drones sure are a possibility, in fact we make sure it happens when a second shooter is booked! Yet there are limitations set by CASA, so make sure your area isn’t in a ‘No Fly Zone’ and always double check with your venue if we are allowed to fly. 

What’s the best way to kickstart a career as a videographer?

Definitely have your own gear, doesn’t have to be the best… But decent and relevant to your needs. Build up a reel or examples of work, this is a very important step when approaching potential work, you may have to do a few freebies/ super low budget jobs to get there. Attitude is super important, people wanna work with people they wanna hang out with! Finally, SHOOT HEAPS! Get confident with your gear, keep your skills up, learn more 😉 

Thanks for your awesome questions! If you’re keen to learn more about our film packages and check out some of our work, head here. And if there are any other questions you might have, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We love being there to capture your epic moments and can tailor our packages to suit you. Can’t wait to party with you soon.

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