We now do Hens and Bucks Parties!

05 / 20

The White Tree Band have long been renowned for energy, entertainment and leaders of passionate sing-a-longs with an excited crowd.  And sometimes, in the last set when the band get a bit hot and sweaty, a few layers of clothing are removed for maximum rock n roll antics.

So to be honest, we are ready made for Hens Parties and Bucks Parties and we can’t believe it’s taken us 10 long years to add these events to our booking options.

We can perform 80s tunes as you’re sipping cocktails through willy straws, or perform some funky 70s slap bass bangers for you and your pals and whoever else is dancing around the room.  You may even want us to lead you and your guests in some fun sing-a-longs such as Wonderwall, Wagon Wheel or Sex On Fire.

To book The White Tree Band for a Hens or Bucks Party simply contact [email protected] for more info

*The White Tree band members may remove items of clothing for an additional charge during the performance.  Not all of our performers are comfortable with this service, so this is strictly subject to availability.  A request for this service must be made at the time of booking.