The White Tree’s Triple Treat Package

07 / 20

Yes indeed party people.  This is a tasty throwback to the 1970s, when things were groovy, chilled, and life was a whole lot simpler.

We encourage you to take a few deep breaths, play this song, and mix yourself a Harvey Wallbanger.  Awwww yeah.

Now, let us formally introduce you to The White Tree’s Triple Treat Package

Book any triple service package for your wedding featuring our LIVE MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHY and FILM, and you’ll receive these dreamy treats:

– FREE Live Ceremony Music ($520 value)

– FREE Additional Hour of Photography + Film Coverage ($500 value) 

– FREE Date Flexibility (deposit transferred in full if you need to change dates due to Covid-19)

You can take advantage of the Triple Treat Package via two enquiry methods:
Send an enquiry via the prices section of our website, or
Contact one of our booking managers in your region

Does wedding planning feel a bit sweeter now?

The Triple Treat Package offers cool add-ons and gives you confidence that if things get a bit bumpy in the future, we’ve got you covered.

Dealing with 1 x company for 3 x services also makes communication easy, particularly if you need to alter your plans.

We encourage you to obtain a quote from three different companies for your photography, film and entertainment.  Tally up those three quotes…and then compare them to The White Tree’s Triple Treat Package.  We’re extremely confident in our price points based on the quality of our services.

It’s important in life to have things to look forward to and we hope that the Triple Treat Package helps you to get ya groove on and keep on steppin.


Triple Treat T+Cs:
– The Triple Treat Package is available for clients placing a new booking on or before June 30 2021
– The package is made available in conjunction with our standard T+C’s