The White Tree – Same Same Weddings Fair 2021

03 / 21

The White Tree’s been creating good times since 2008. 

Under our one creative roof we offer awesome Live Music, Photography and Film, featuring a team of young, talented and energetic artists.

Our prices and inclusions for our services can be found by clicking here

Under the live music wing of our business, we provide everything from 1 – 9 piece bands, to DJs, and even hybrid lineups with DJ + sax, trumpet and Latin percussion.

We also have the ability to provide chilled live acoustic music for ceremonies and the cocktail hour, before transitioning into a rocking outfit for the dance sets…which is what we’re renowned for. Here’s an example of some of our chilled live acoustic music:

We also have larger band lineups for the main reception

4 Piece

7 piece

And we have energetic DJ options for the dance sets too

We have a range of Brisbane singers, DJs and musicians on offer and with our model, you’re able to DIY your ultimate live music mix from beginning to end.


The White Tree Photography Options

We have a small team of legendary photographers based in Brisbane and we shoot all around Queensland/NNSW.  We have 3 x simple options, Level 1, 2 or 3.  These levels are separated simply by the hours of coverage and subsequently the number of photos delivered.

Level 1 features 3hrs coverage and 500 hi res photos (minimum). Level 2 features 6hrs coverage and 750 hi res photos (minimum). Level 3 features 9hrs coverage and 1000 photos (minimum).  Each gallery also comes with an online highlights gallery, and all hi res photos are delivered colour AND black and white.  We also create a personalised cloud-based platform for easy downloading and safe keeping.

Here are a couple of highlights galleries to view below:

Kyle + Aaron

Robert + Edward


The White Tree Film

The first thing to mention is that we know a number of couples umm and ahh about whether to book film.  It’s often something that gets added into the mix down the track, only if the budget is in check.  But remember that with the stunning scenery is in Byron, it’s an incredible backdrop for us to work with when filming, so we encourage you to book film.  You won’t regret it!

Secondly, in terms of how we work our inclusions, it’s again pretty simple.  We have the three Levels (1, 2 and 3), differentiated by the hours of coverage and the subsequent number of edits.  The best thing to do is click on this link, which explains in detail how our film inclusions work and what our aesthetic and approach is to filming weddings.

Also, here is a little sample of our film work:

And an example of one of our mini highlights reels below…


Finally here are a few of our Brisbane vocalists for you to check out:








Thanks for taking the time to read this information.

Of course, one of the best things to do is to chat about your wedding ideas with you…it’s your wedding after all!!  So please don’t hesitate to reach out to our bookers below:

Shannon // [email protected] / 0433 755 465, or,
Zoe // [email protected] / 0422 052 070

Mark // [email protected] / 0403 055 073

We hope to party with you all at your wedding soon!!