The White Tree Jazz Options

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Whilst we’re renowned for rocking the dance sets with plenty of pop, funk, rock, modern electro and classic sing-a-longs…we’re also equally comfortable with performing suave jazz for cocktail events, stylish weddings and corporate networking events.  In fact, most of our musicians hold jazz degrees from the top universities in the country, and many of our artists have won esteemed Jazz awards.

In our opinion, jazz can still be a great style of music for the right events, providing the solo sections are not too loud…and providing the band still make it accessible for the audience.  That means keeping the solos restrained and calling some well known jazz standards from popular artists, such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Buble, Amy Winehouse, Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles.

Here’s an example of The White Tree Band performing some jazz classics:

We also love to mix up the line ups with our jazz combos and get creative with the client’s objectives.  For instance, a jazz quartet could have a myriad of instrumental line ups.  It could be male vocals/keyboard, double bass, drums and sax, or it could be female vocals, double bass, acoustic guitar and trumpet.  Or it could be an instrumental line up only, featuring double bass, drums, keyboard and saxophone.