The White Tree Band Singers – Adelaide, South Australia

03 / 19

The White Tree Band is a live music, photography and film business run by creatives who are highly experienced in the events industry.  Our role is to build relationships with wedding and event planners (that’s you!) and present and manage the incredible talent that we have working with us.  When it comes to The White Tree Band, our model allows you to hand pick your preferred male and/or female singers, and customise the band size and instruments that appeal to you!

Check out our Adelaide singers below covering some acoustic tunes fitting for wedding ceremonies, corporate networking events, or laid back Sunday session vibes…

But how does the band operate?

The White Tree Band operates right around Australia and New Zealand.  We’re a collective of professional musicians who perform regularly together (in various contexts – including our own original bands) and we have tight knit set ups in each city around Australia and NZ.  For instance, in Adelaide, we have five female singers and five male singers who gig with us. Then there’s our core rhythm section players (that’s the bass player, drummer and chord instruments).  We also have several brass players (= trumpet and sax).  The rhythm section essentially stays the same but you can pick and choose your singer(s), either via our live showcase gigs, or from viewing our film content for each singer.

Here’s a clip of our Adelaide singers doing some more upbeat/modern dance material…

We’re obviously biased, but we honestly believe we have Adelaide’s best wedding singers working with us…and some of the world’s best freelance musos are in our Adelaide crew.  This is largely attributed to our managers in SA – Shannon and Eric, who are a couple of the most well respected musicians on the Adelaide scene.

Whether you’re in need of a wedding band, corporate event band or just a band for an impromptu epic party, our musicians know how to bring the right vibe to literally any gig.

And yes.  If you want us to, we will play Horses.  You can see us covering this classic in the last vid below…

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