Savvy Solutions for 2020 Weddings and beyond

07 / 20

We have a diverse range of musicians, photographers and filmmakers who gig with us all around Australia and New Zealand.  The depth of our artist list has already saved a lot of couples who have had to alter their wedding plans in various shapes and forms, due to Covid-19.

For couples who are yet to book us, we want to explain our package options so you understand the flexibility.  Firstly, we have various band sizes and singer options available and whilst we love our 7 – 10 piece band configurations, we understand that in some states of Australia, this product is a little unnerving to book right now – for several reasons.  So a cost effective and flexible option is to start out by booking us with a smaller 1 – 3 piece line up.  You can then add musicians and instruments down the track to increase the line up if desired.

We have a range of instrument/line up options across these smaller configurations…and you can still get creative with the instruments involved.  We also have a range of singers who double on guitar or keyboard, which is essentially ‘two for the price of one’ 😉

Here are a few samples below to get the musical juices flowing…

Acoustic Duo // Male vocals/guitar and female vocals – feat. Tara + Matt

Acoustic Duo // Male vocals/guitar x’s 2 – feat. Tim + Simon

DJ Mix // Sax, Percussion + DJ – feat. DJ Nish, Dave and Tuddy

Acoustic Trio // Male Vocals, female Vocals and guitar – feat. Luke, Claire and Dan

Acoustic Duo // Male Vocals/Keyboard and Trumpet – feat. Dane + Timmy

Jazz Duo // Male Vocals/keyboard and guitar – feat. Garth and Brett

Photography and Film (Level 1 examples)

Our Level 1 Photography and Film packages both feature 3 x hours coverage, although, with our current Triple Treat Package, you get a 4th hour of coverage included for free.  There’s plenty you can cover across four hours, and we suggest this as a great cost effective option.  We also really encourage you to view our Triple Treat Package and weigh up the cost benefits, flexibility and added value that this is offering new couples.  It’s been extremely popular so far!

Here are a few Level 1 Photography galleries for you to peruse:

Laura + Nicholas (Queenstown, NZ)

Tom + Hayley (Tanglewood Estate, VIC)

Jane + Tom (Moondog Brewery, Melbourne)

Here are a few Level 1 insta film edits for you to peruse:

Sophie + David (Stones Of The Yarra, VIC)

Matt + Hayley (Clovelly, Sydney)

Brett + El (Watsons Bay, Sydney)

*Due to copyright we only list our Insta edits (which are cut to stock music we own) in a public domain.  To receive any of our long form film edits simply reach out to any of our booking managers in your region 🙂

Finally, here are 6 Savvy Tips we have for couples who are in wedding planning mode, and are faced with a few uncertainties given Covid-19.

1. Accent the positives and don’t panic.  We know…easier said than done!  But, there really are some positives.  For instance, more and more wedding businesses are offering some seriously awesome packages now featuring $ discounts and special add-ons like you’ve never seen before.  A lot of them won’t last for ever…so take advantage of them!!

2. Make sure you select suppliers that will give you flexibility and confidence in regards to deposit terms.  Many suppliers (like us) are now offering the ability for you to transfer your booking and deposit (in full) to a future date if your plans change due to Covid-19.  Check your suppliers’ contracts carefully – particularly their position if you do need to change in the future.

3. Keep it lean for flexibility.  What do we mean by keeping it lean?  Well, most suppliers have a range of packages, and you don’t necessarily need to book all the bells and wistles in order to lock in their availability.  For instance, with us, you can secure our availability by booking our small 1 – 3 piece bands/DJs and our entry level photography/film packages.  Then, as you get closer to the wedding you can ramp up your package if your budget and the Government regulations are looking all hunky dory.  This approach keeps the deposit amount smaller and less total investment for you, so you keep in control and minimise risk.

4. Have a simple back up plan in case it does go a bit haywire.  For instance, if your venue has issues at short notice, consider being ready to hit the button on an alternate/simple plan in a private setting (farm, home, backyard, holiday house etc).

Remember most of your suppliers will be able to deal with sudden changes – and a different venue setting is no issue.

If there are sudden forced changes that are more extreme, consider the back up plan involving an initial low key ceremony, followed by an epic party at a later point in time back at your original venue – and again, this is why you want suppliers who can shift all $ you’ve previously paid to a new/future date.

5. Now, more than ever, concentrate on items that are really important to you guys.  And if one of your priority items has become implicated by the restrictions (ie you can’t have that 9 piece band you wanted) then take that money saved and treat yourself and your guests in other areas that are important to you.

6.  Consider engaging a wedding planner – even if it’s their entry level package.
– A planner will reduce your stress levels by offering sage advice throughout the journey.
– They will have genuine up-to-date local intel on wedding suppliers in your region.
– A planner will know the suppliers who are offering special deals in this climate
– Planners will be able to step in and act as the middle person between you and a supplier if some tricky discussions are required at any stage.
– The planners that we know in the industry are dead set legends and they will make the wedding planning process FUN.  Planning a wedding should be enjoyable, creative and exciting – and a planner’s experience, energy and knowledge base will help keep it that way.