The White Tree’s take on Same Sex Marriage in Australia

11 / 17

Obviously this week has been an historic moment for Australia and for the equal rights of all Australian people. It makes all of us at The White Tree so happy and excited that we are now one BIG step closer to marriage equality in our country.

We’re obviously not over the line yet, but our fingers and toes are crossed that 2018 will mark a momentous beginning for same sex couples – that EVERYONE, regardless of gender and sexual preference, will have the legal right to say “I-Do” in Australia. Three massive cheers for that we say!

All of us at The White Tree cannot wait to rock our creative talents at same sex weddings. With how gruelling this damn plebiscite has been, it’s safe to say the love and partying will be even greater. It certainly deserves to be.

Interestingly, quite a few people over the last few months have asked us whether The White Tree is “ready for gay weddings”. This question has conflicted us because in our opinion, a wedding is about a celebration of love. And whether it’s a guy and a girl, a girl and a girl or a guy and a guy tying the knot…we honestly could not give a shit. Love is love.

So yes we are ready, but to be honest, nothing much will really change in what we do and offer as a product. Of course we will try to expand our marketing activities to connect with engaged same sex couples (and a little shout out to Matt and the team at Groom & Guy who we advertise with…great wedding mag…check it out!) but we won’t alter our core live music, photography or film product to what our heterosexual couples already receive. Why would we!?

And who knows, maybe our current dress sense and stage antics (demonstrated below) will find an even happier home at some of these exciting new gigs…

And of course, as all of our couples have involvement with the song list, we’re hoping we’ll soon be able to rock our favourite gay anthems on a more regular basis. As frequenters of the legendary Palms and Stonewall in Sydney…we’ve got this playlist down. We’re talking Queen, Scissor Sisters, The Gossip, George Michael, Diana Ross, Sophie Ellis Bextor (Murder On The Dance Floor! Yasss!), Elton John, The B-52s, Kylie, Pointer Sisters…the list goes on and on!

So, as one of Australia’s leading wedding businesses for live music, photography and film, we’d just like to say how stoked we are with last weeks result.  And in the New Year, hopefully we can start working with ANY couple in Australia who are planning a wedding of epic proportions ?

You can check out The White Tree Band in action below, restoring faith and freedom for all!…

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