Perth One Fine Day

05 / 18

What a fun and successful One Fine Day that was for 2018 in Perth.

As always, the girls from OFD smashed it out of the park, attracting huge numbers of engaged couples to the event. Hundreds of loved up couples with their friends and family in attendance were excitedly checking out the very best that Perth’s wedding scene has to offer. High 5s all around!

So many great vendors as always, with particularly epic stands by The Event Mill, Empire Events and Travelling Jaspers.

We were also there on the day, having a ball flying the flag for live wedding music in Perth. We performed a bunch of live duo sets throughout the day – a snap shot can be viewed via the video above.

It’s always great to perform at One Fine Day…and to chat to engaged couples face to face – not only answering questions about what we do, but to also hear the awesome and creative ideas that couples have of their own. For us, we understand that it’s not our wedding so we’re always keen to see how we can customize what we do, to fit the specific tone of each and every wedding that we do.

Interestingly, we noticed that a huge portion of couples in attendance have their weddings taking place in Margaret River. And why not?…that part of the world is an incredible setting for a wedding…and perfect for couples who want their wedding to be a weekend long party.

As we explained to lots of couples, with The White Tree, we have locally based Perth wedding musicians (photographers and filmmakers too) and they are truly some of the best talent in this country. We operate in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well…but again, with local artists in those cities. It would be way too expensive to fly them over to WA…and why would we…Perth has incredible talent right here, ripe and ready!!! We’re extremely lucky to have pretttty much all of the WAPA staff as part of The White Tree crew in Perth, needless to say, the standard of musicianship is extremely high.

So with this being the case, we have to reiterate that there are NO travel fees for us to perform and capture in Perth. However, if the venue is more than 45min from Perth’s CBD (i.e. Margaret River) there is a travel fee worked out on a per-musician basis. It’s roughly $170 per staff member for travel down to Margs…this is to cover the guys’ travel time and expenses. Depending on the finish time, there may also be an accom fee of $80 per employee. With this being the case, our bigger band sizes can start to add up. As the prices section of our website shows, we can be booked as a large 9 piece band…or a small acoustic soloist/duo that can transform into a DJ later on. This option of a duo/DJ type combo, or our smaller 3 or 4 piece band, can be a good option for Margaret River wedding bands as it keeps those pesky travel/accom costs down to a minimum.

We do so many gigs at Margaret River wedding venues such Barefoot Beach Hilbrook Farm, Credaro, Gilgara Estate etc, that we have actually tried to find local Margaret River wedding musicians to form a sort of “White Tree Satellite Band”, but so far we’ve found it hard to find the specific talent that we feel matches the standard of Perth.

But as we say, if you are having a Margaret River wedding, do consider our small acoustic band/DJ combos as it may not be as expensive as you think. The live music can be utilized for the ceremony and canapés which works so well for all the outdoor wineries in Margs, and also for the early stages of the reception. After the formalities have wound up, we can then jump onto the decks and transform into a DJ for the dance sets. As we already have our PA system set up for the band, this is a swift, easy and cost effective changeover.

One final thing we’d love to mention about One Fine Day this weekend, was how much joy it brought us to have the opportunity to chat to engaged same-sex couples about their upcoming weddings. We viewed last year’s plebiscite is an awfully exhausting and humiliating process for LGBTI people in this country (and their friends and families too). So to get to see same-sex couples finally revelling in that light at the end of the tunnel, was a truly fantastic thing.

Finally, off the back of One Fine Day on Sunday, there’s a showcase in Perth next month featuring a few different suppliers along with Perth’s best wedding band…The White Tree!  Ok so we’re biased, but it will be an absolutely awesome night.  It’s taking place on July 5th at The Good Shepherd – 663 Newcastle St, Leederville.  Doors open at 7pm.  The White Tree Band will be kicking off at 7:45pm.  We’ll perform two sets featuring our four male singers, two female singers, rhythm section and full brass section.  We’ll be performing a bunch of tunes as a duo, right up to an 8 piece band so you can see the different options to match with your wedding or event.  Entry is free and it’s a case of the more the merrier!

Click here for all the info.


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