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You can generally add ceremony music or canapes sets at a later date if you are still deliberating. If the musicians are already locked in for your reception at night, they can come in a couple of hours earlier for your ceremony – it’s the evening which is more of an issue for availability. In regards to line up, most people book a soloist or duo for the ceremony. It’s overkill to have any more than a duo.

Soloist – Male Vocals/Acoustic Guitar: $450 inc gst

Duo – Typically Male Vocals/Acoustic Guitar + Female Vocals: $695 inc gst

– 20 minutes of chilled music before the ceremony as guests arrive
– 3 x songs hand picked by you – one for the processional (walking down the aisle), one for the signing of the registry and one for the recessional (walking back down the aisle). As explained these three songs are up to you…they do not need to come from our White Tree website song list.
– All required PA equipment. The microphone can be used by your celebrant if required, however this is not a wireless mic – it is on a stand with a lead.

Why is ceremony music so expensive when it’s only half an hour?
The price doesn’t just include the musician’s time on the day; it also includes their time learning your requested songs prior to the wedding – which can be several hours of work. There are also numerous logistics with ceremony music, which often leads to significant administrative duties behind the scenes.

Do you need access to power for a ceremony performance?
Yes!  We only take on ceremony performances if there is access to power as the music can easily get lost in outdoor spaces, particularly if it’s windy .  Our PA speakers are of professional quality. We don’t use little battery powered speakers as a celebrant may.  We need one standard 240v power outlet. If there is no accessible power point then this may involve hiring a portable power supply. It is the client’s responsibility to organize a generator or battery inverter that functions properly. DJ hire companies have these items for around $70.

* You may think there is no access to power, but it is worth asking your venue where the nearest power point is, as we can easily run a long 30-meter extension lead to a speaker.

What about canapes sets?
We generally only take on ceremonies if we are also booked for the main reception.  Although we can take on a smaller booking, providing we are also booked for one or two hours of acoustic/canapes sets following the ceremony.  This is billed at a rate of $150 per musician per hour/$75 per half hour.

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