How to walk away with a wedding film you love!

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So you’re getting married and you want to walk away with an incredible wedding film! You might not be used to being on film, not to mention, on the day, you’ve got so much to think about, you don’t want to be stressed over considering how your film is going to turn out! So below, we’ve included three main tips to consider once you book in your filmmakers!


Lighting is always so important. From preps, to the location shoot, as well as the reception.

For preps, always pick a room in your house that has a lot of natural light to get ready in. Single, soft sources of light are what a lot of videographers and photographers are after, so be sure to turn your house lights off (unless you live in a window-less bunker!) We also love character, and we’ll be searching for anything that just screams “you”. Although light is important, if applicable, pick a room/location that has tonnes of character!

For location shoots, it’s all about the time of day. Ideally, you’ll want to shoot when the sun is low, so around sunset. This creates very nice, soft contrast within the scenery, adding shape in all the right places. But this is your day, meaning your schedule! Working with a couple who are relaxed, not feeling rushed for time, or are fomo-ing hard that everyone else is having a chill drink back at the venue without you translates on camera. It’s your day, do the location shoot when you want and trust me, your video/photos will still look incredible.

Lighting for reception venues is usually the trickiest, as it can be so different from venue to venue. Some places look great to the eye, but aren’t great through the lens. Photographers can use flash, but videographers can’t. Our suggestion, if you have a choice of reception lighting… Festoons! Festoons are practically hanging globes that are stringed overhead. This gives a great warm, trendy atmosphere to the eye, and the perfect large soft source for us filmmakers to play with. Let’s not forget the fab skin tones!!


Trust that your filmmakers are capturing you in the best light possible. We may give you vague directions like “have a chat with each other”, “walk in that general direction” with a few more tips along the way. Sometimes we go very quiet when things are looking awesome and we don’t want to spoil the moment. When this happens and you see us running around getting different angles, keep just doing you! Also trust that we’ll get what’s best for the edit, in the environment we’re in!

BUT, we still want to do what you want! If you have a location in mind, let us know! If there’s something you planned to do with your bridal party, we’ll happily capture that.


Nothing looks better than natural laughter and giddy smiles. Trust us, we understand how hard it is to be on the other side of the camera and know how intimidating it can be! Whenever you feel awkward and shy, channel that into laughter and make fun of the situation with your partner, the laughter will be infectious and soon you’ll barely notice the camera.

To ensure you’re as relaxed as possible, try and schedule your day to be how you want it and in a way that allows time for you have some breaks/breathers. If you’re tired, hungry & craving that champers, you’re not going to enjoy the location or the day for that matter. You need little recoveries!

Get someone from your bridal party to look after drinks and canapés (usually the venue will help you out here), organise someone to round up people for family photos, and delegate roles to family and friends throughout the day. The more people you have looking out for you, the more you can just enjoy the day… and the more awesome bangers we get captured from start to finish.

Have a few things that didn’t go to plan? Laugh about it, embrace it … We might even film it. Nothing ever goes to plan, that’s just what happens at all weddings!
Suit not fitting during preps? Laugh about it and see what home alterations you can get away with! Cake fall on the ground? Ask the venue not to clean it up, do the cake cutting on the floor instead!

It’s these sort of moments that flourish on film and even at the time it may be hard to stomach, just know you’ll look back and laugh about everything that went wrong and how it made the day… better!

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