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The White Tree’s take on Same Sex Marriage in Australia

November 20, 2017

Obviously this week has been an historic moment for Australia and for the equal rights of all Australian people. It makes all of us at The White Tree so happy and excited that we are now one BIG step closer to marriage equality in our country. We’re obviously not over the line yet, but our fingers….

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WA landscape

The White Tree’s Launch in WA

August 24, 2017

Earlier this year we launched The White Tree in Perth. When we made the decision to expand to the WA market we had a few people within and without the business advising against it. Rhetoric such as “the Perth economy has come to a grinding halt. The mining dollar ain’t what it used to be”….

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Live Band Vs DJs for Weddings and Events

April 25, 2017

Music is a vital ingredient to ensure the success of any party, wedding or event. It enhances the senses to create an atmosphere where people can relax, enjoy themselves and feel comfortable to communicate more fluidly. We’ve all been to a restaurant before where the feng shui is just a little off. Then we stop….

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